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Relationship/Sex Advice Radio Show [30 May 2007|05:37pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey Everyone,

I host a Sex/Relationship/Medical Advice Radio Show Mondays from 8-9pm EST.  "Intercoursing" provides a doctor or nurse from the Sydney Borum Health Center in Downtown Boston every week that answers questions or provides advice for a situation you might be dealing with.  I'm always there as well, representing the 20 something college student.  The whole show is basically Loveline with a college co-host.

"Intercoursing" can be heard by logging onto ETIN.emerson.edu or on RadioYou High Definition Radio in the Boston Area.  Call in live during the show at 617.824.8100 or Instant Message "etinstudio" on AOL Instant Messenger.  You can also shoot questions and comments to Intercoursing@Gmail.com or call Intercoursing Voicemail at 857.413.2674.  Any email or voicemail will be read on air unless instructed not to during the next show Mondays from 8-9pm EST.

Intercoursing is part of The Emerson Talk & Information Network, a project of the Number One College Radio Station in the Country, 88.9 WERS FM.

You can check out the Intercoursing Podcast here or by copying
into iTunes, etc.

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[22 Sep 2006|02:55pm]

I hope that this is okay!
I made an add me community for people who have loved ones in the military. Feel free to join!

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[18 Jul 2006|12:14am]


I'm Amanda and My boyfriend's name is Guillermo. We've been going out for 8 months and i've never been happier. I'm so lucky to have found love at such a young age. I'm 15 and i know i might seem to young to be so serious but i love Guillermo. Well thats pretty much what i have to say
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New here. [11 Jul 2006|05:33pm]

[ mood | loved ]

Just found the community.
Just thought I'd share my fiance/love of my life/best guy...ever...with you guys.=)
We've been together almost 9 months.He proposed at prom.He makes me so happy.We fight,but...everyone does that.He's wonderful.♥

on to the pictures.
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A new project "Kissing garden" has been launched [24 Jun 2006|10:36pm]

A new project "Kissing garden" has been launched: very beautiful, nice
music, strong positive energy.
Kissing Garden
In the Garden fruit grow and get ripe not with the sun but with kisses.
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New [19 May 2006|08:54am]

[ mood | In Love ]

Hey everyone I am new here. I was just looking at all the comuniitys and found this one! I am so happy there is a place I can go and talk about my realationship. My name is Victoria and and my boyfriends name is Matt. We are coming up on our 7 month anniversary. I am so happy with him i can teven belive it sometimes. Liike I meet him at a friends birthday party and he asked me for my number, and we have been together ever since!!!

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13+ months [14 May 2006|08:02pm]

[ mood | bored ]

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Happy Anniversary! [13 May 2006|02:07am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Happy 6 years, hon! ^^

We're currently in the first of (hopefully no more than) three years of long distance, so we won't be doing anything together to celebrate.  Instead of elaborating on what we're getting each other, I will give some details on what happened 6 years ago to those who have not read/don't remember my intro post. (Heck, I don't even remember my own intro post. :P) Granted, I don't think our story is one of those "awww... so romantic!" type of stories -- kinda nerdy actually -- but it works for me... :)

(I wanted to do an LJ cut but I'm an idiot... sorry that this is long.)

So I came upon Charleston's name about 7 years ago -- in one of those award cerenomy things back in high school.  (I was finishing up my freshman year at the time, and he was a junior.)  I noticed him because he was the only person other than me to receive two awards; but since he missed the rehearsal, he ended up making the teachers walked back and forth to award him twice as opposed to how I sneaked into two difference places in the line so to not create chaos.  So I slightly resented the fact that he got more "glory" than I... And then the club that we were in together, promoted him to be president and me, the vp.  (He told me later that he pretty much handpicked me -- apparently he noticed me when I was merely a 6th grader!  I don't think he necessarily liked me at the time, but he did think I was cute. :p)  So during the summer, he sent out an introductory email to me and the other future officers: "Hi, my GPA is ___, my SAT score is ____..." And I was thinking, "Geez, what an arrogant prick!" (Well I didn't really think "prick" but whatever.)  And then we started working together a lot for the club, and at some point when he actually returned a joke unexpectedly, I started talking to him a lot. (Humor is extremely important to me!) 

At the same time that our friendship grew, my ex also asked me out.  I've known the ex for a little longer than I knew my bf at the time, and I've never been in a relationship, so I thought I'd just go for it.  During the 3 months that I was with my ex, we might have seen each other for a total of... 30 minutes?   Even at the time, I think I clicked more with Charleston but I didn't think much of it.  Somewhere in the middle of that 3 months, Charleston told me that he liked me, but it might be a bad idea for him to ask me out since he was almost graduating.  I didn't think I should ditch the ex for him, so I just rejected Charleston and we continued to be good friends.  But the relationship with the ex eventually became such an emotional burden, and what with school work and a pressing exam and all, I broke it off so to concentrate on this exam for a month.  The day after my exam, Charleston and I were talking on the phone as usual (by this time spending time with him was quite natural) and he asked me out.  I guess it was more like making it "official" since our friends thought we've been so close that it was like we've been seeing each other anyway. 

Earlier tonight when we were talking on the phone, I brought up how he asked me out six years ago.  And while I thought it was really natural that we got together since we've been such best friends and been so comfortable with each other, and that we got together one day after my pressing exam was completely accidental, he told me he actually planned it that way!  He said even though he got rejected and was forced to be just friends for a few months, he knew that I was quite stressed about the exam so he purposely waited till after the exam to ask again.  It probably doesn't mean much to you, but it sounded sweet to my ear...*blush* *big grin*

I'll see him in less than a month, and we're going to Vegas and other places together this summer! I can hardly wait.... :)

cross posted to several places.

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hello [13 May 2006|12:04am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I'm new here. I was just surfing through different livejournal communities and stumbled upon this one. Immediately I thought, "Hey, I'm in a perfect relationship. Now I can have somewhere to share that without people thinking I'm being too oooshy gooshy." So here I am. I guess I should say a little something about myself, right? Well my name is Lauren and the lucky guy is my boyfriend, Colin :D We've only been dating for around 2 months now but this is the most love I've ever had in a relationship before. From the beginning of the school year he had a crush on me and I was unaware. At the same time, I really liked him but didn't have the guts to say a thing. Now after having hung out for 6 months of period 3 art class together, we have started dating. He's such a wonderful guy. The kind who opens doors for you, compliments you eveyday [no matter what you look like-- cryptkeeper or dirty hair...], he's that kind of guy that you can just tell is sincere when he tells you he loves you. I can see it in his eyes. His face light up everytime I walk into the room. I love him so much. Just thought you may like to know :D

That's him ♥

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L.A. Update. Beta-Male Evolutionary Psychology. The Second Playmate. [11 Apr 2006|10:30am]

Update from the road:

Friday: Woke up at 5:30 a.m. and prepared for my trip. Client meetings until 10:30 am. Picked up carpool and cleared the distance between San Jose and Los Angeles in five hours. Went to boffo's Movie Night, where the consequences of my sleep deficit caught up with me and I promptly dropped into a dreamless sleep on his floor. Apparently, my sleeping form was a source of some amusement for the conscious guests. Drove to browascension & lightling's place and crashed.

Saturday: Met up with Aviad "50 Shekel, the World's Most Kosher MC" Cohen for sushi, photography/music related dialogue, and other mischief.

Our meandering through Los Angeles took us to The Standard, a nexus of the terminally hip and neck-snappingly beautiful denizens/visitors of Hollywood. Even in this rarified world of absurdly attractive people, one woman sitting alone working on a Sudoku puzzle stood out ... a jaw-droppingly attractive Latina mestiza that can drive even relatively extroverted people like me to intimidated silence.

I've often wondered about that intimidation factor - perhaps it's an outgrowth of the unspoken understanding between men of the pecking order; we know women of a certain level of beauty are courted and approached by richer, more powerful, more charismatic, better (in every objectively measurable sense) men than us, and we are as out of our league in that elite company.

Objectively, this fear makes no sense - even if one's chances that initiating a conversation will lead anywhere is less than 1%, it costs you nothing and represents a free call-option on a highly-desirable potential hookup/girlfriend/whatever.

All that said (and though economists would have you believe otherwise), we humans do not make decisions based on cooly-reasoned Expected Value calculations, and while I maneuvered myself to be seated next to the girl and work up my nerve to speak with her, I felt the thunder of my pulse pounding its staccato percussion into my skull. Ba-DUM, ba-DUM, ba-DUM, ba-DUM.

My exchange with Avi was distracted, distanced, while I steadied myself to overcome deeply-wired Beta-Male timidity and open up a conversation with the Latina. A twist of phrase, a turn of words, and in a curious reversal, she turned to us to comment on something in our dialogue and join our talk. My inner Beta Male heaved a sigh of relief as two became three, our conversation easing into comfortable territory of introductions and lighthearted banter.

Avi, to his credit, played his Wingman role perfectly - self-effacing, cerebral and complimentary to my extroverted, high-energy self. It was here we learned that the Latina ("J") is going to be a Playboy Playmate in an upcoming issue, and was waiting a few hours for a cab to take her to Hugh Hefner's 80th Birthday Party later on that evening. (!!!)

Ba-DUM, ba-DUM, ba-DUM, ba-DUM.

The invitation card she showed me was as elaborate as you can imagine, and nearly impossible to forge. We talk ... about her time as an Air Force radar operator (!!!), the radiology career she's pursuing, Hollywood culture. Experience suggests that beauty is typically inversely correlated to ambition and intelligence, but she's obliterated that stereotype quickly and an hour of elapsed dialogue stretches into a second.

(continued here)

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Intro [12 Mar 2006|07:01pm]

[ mood | loved ]

Hi everyone my names Christina and I came across this community and thought it would be perfect for me and my husband! We've been together for 5 years now and we had to go through alot of BS to get to where we are right now! We've faught his dad, other people trying to break us up, and even jealous people that called them selfs our friends. He's so good to me and I'm so thankful to have found him. I truly believe that he's my soul mate and he feels the same way about me. We recently had our first little boy Jaden Scott and he's so cute. I'll post a few pics for everyone to see! If you have any questions or you just want to chat comment me some time and I'll get back to you! ttyl


Here's one of our wedding photos

Here's one of him and I while I was pregnant Christmas 05 in fact

And this is us in the hospital after I had our son Jaden

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10 months & 19 days [23 Feb 2006|06:05pm]


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[21 Feb 2006|08:31pm]

i was accepted into loveisthebest! click here!
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[25 Jan 2006|02:16pm]
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Merry Christmas! [24 Dec 2005|03:52am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi all, sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Been busy... Anyway, so Charleston came back last night (we started long-distance 3 months ago for school reasons) and we hung out all day today! :) As usual -- time spent with him is always fun, but the especially funny thing today was what happened when we went to watch Harry Potter. Two hours into the movie, there was an interruption because of technical difficulties, and ended up with at least half of the theater leaving and getting a refund for the show. In addition to the refund, we also got 4 extra tickets for compensation! That made us happy :) Anyway, glossing over the details, it was a nice date over all, and I was really happy to see him after all those months...

Gift-wise, I got him an easy-to-use blender with a little dispenser attached because he loves smoothies (and isn't too skilled in the kitchen ;)). I was so glad to have found something so practical and that he liked so much! He got me a sushi-making kit -- I was really happy because as much as I like stuffed animals and all, my bed really couldn't fit any more :P And I've been wanting to do more cooking, so that's like perfect! :D

His mom also wrote me a really sweet Christmas card... and my family's going to his house for dinner tomorrow! :)

Sorry that this post is sorta random and unorganized.... Happy holidays to you all and hope that you'd have a lovely time with your loved ones! :)

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Jason my ex now bestfriend [18 Dec 2005|06:51am]

[ mood | calm ]

I'm 22, and while i'm still not i'm not one for online dating, or phone personals those (tango personals) that they advertise tv. Well low and behold one night I was utterly bored out of my mind. I had a cell phone, I decided to call (livelinks) After listening to some really digusting personals. I left a message for a guy in iowa. He got back to me a couple of minutes later. We ended up talking for almost an hour. He was a tad older (9 years) but I didn't care...

I was looking for a friend, someone I could relate to. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship (lond distance/online) hence why i HATE them. with a women, he knew I was into girls that is a part of me I don't hide. I never felt the need to be someone I'm not. He asked a bunch of questions, than after his time membership ran out. He gave me his number, it was nearing three in the morning.
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hey [15 Nov 2005|09:02am]

[ mood | loved ]

hey everyone my fiance is in the air force and i think we have the perfect relationship because we talk about everything and always make sure that the other is happy is always doing sweet little things for me and since he knows what kind of past ihad he is always telling me i love you and your beutifula nd perfect and thingsl ike that he is always leaving me cute little notes and we are just perfect together we never fight we always discuss things and make sure that we come to a compromise and an understanding....imiss him so much he is in texas at tech school right now and i am in oklahoma i havent seen him in a while but we talk everynight andhe usually calls me and wakes me up by singing good morning beautiful, he did that when he was home too except he would be kissing me and whispering it in my ear....anyways i am just extremely happy we are getting married in december while he is home for christmas....i wish all of you guys and your relationships the best and i can only hope that you all feel this way about your signifcant other.....it is an amazing feeling to be in love and know that that love is unconditional...god bless

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[12 Nov 2005|01:35pm]

So it's been forever since I've posted here.
Don't really know why though.

I just figured I'd update with how my relationship is going.

I just read through the archives to about early August and I read about how "perfect" relationships aren't perfect anymore after six months. I don't agree.
My boyfriend and I have been together for two years and almost two months.
Sure we argue a bit, but we are about as perfect as two people can get.
For those that don't know/remember, we were in a long distance relationship for almost the entire length of our relationship.
It wasn't until the end of August that he moved in and we started living together.
We are each other's first serious and long-term relationship.
We have many firsts and onlys together. Such as we lost our virginities to each other and have had no other sexual encounters.
We have never cheated. Ever.
We're going to college together and majoring in the same thing.

And we just plain love each other.
To no end.

We plan to get married on 11/11/11.
If anyone's ever heard the song Konstantine by Something Corporate, that would make sense.

Sorry if this was long-winded and pointless, just thought I should update.
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My Boyfriend [11 Nov 2005|08:14pm]

Cut for MILDLY explicit content and because it's a long postCollapse )
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Random pictures of our love. in a coffehouse, in riga and in motion. [11 Nov 2005|09:54am]

[ mood | chipper ]

In a coffeehouse, fooling around.

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