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Happy Anniversary!

Happy 6 years, hon! ^^

We're currently in the first of (hopefully no more than) three years of long distance, so we won't be doing anything together to celebrate.  Instead of elaborating on what we're getting each other, I will give some details on what happened 6 years ago to those who have not read/don't remember my intro post. (Heck, I don't even remember my own intro post. :P) Granted, I don't think our story is one of those "awww... so romantic!" type of stories -- kinda nerdy actually -- but it works for me... :)

(I wanted to do an LJ cut but I'm an idiot... sorry that this is long.)

So I came upon Charleston's name about 7 years ago -- in one of those award cerenomy things back in high school.  (I was finishing up my freshman year at the time, and he was a junior.)  I noticed him because he was the only person other than me to receive two awards; but since he missed the rehearsal, he ended up making the teachers walked back and forth to award him twice as opposed to how I sneaked into two difference places in the line so to not create chaos.  So I slightly resented the fact that he got more "glory" than I... And then the club that we were in together, promoted him to be president and me, the vp.  (He told me later that he pretty much handpicked me -- apparently he noticed me when I was merely a 6th grader!  I don't think he necessarily liked me at the time, but he did think I was cute. :p)  So during the summer, he sent out an introductory email to me and the other future officers: "Hi, my GPA is ___, my SAT score is ____..." And I was thinking, "Geez, what an arrogant prick!" (Well I didn't really think "prick" but whatever.)  And then we started working together a lot for the club, and at some point when he actually returned a joke unexpectedly, I started talking to him a lot. (Humor is extremely important to me!) 

At the same time that our friendship grew, my ex also asked me out.  I've known the ex for a little longer than I knew my bf at the time, and I've never been in a relationship, so I thought I'd just go for it.  During the 3 months that I was with my ex, we might have seen each other for a total of... 30 minutes?   Even at the time, I think I clicked more with Charleston but I didn't think much of it.  Somewhere in the middle of that 3 months, Charleston told me that he liked me, but it might be a bad idea for him to ask me out since he was almost graduating.  I didn't think I should ditch the ex for him, so I just rejected Charleston and we continued to be good friends.  But the relationship with the ex eventually became such an emotional burden, and what with school work and a pressing exam and all, I broke it off so to concentrate on this exam for a month.  The day after my exam, Charleston and I were talking on the phone as usual (by this time spending time with him was quite natural) and he asked me out.  I guess it was more like making it "official" since our friends thought we've been so close that it was like we've been seeing each other anyway. 

Earlier tonight when we were talking on the phone, I brought up how he asked me out six years ago.  And while I thought it was really natural that we got together since we've been such best friends and been so comfortable with each other, and that we got together one day after my pressing exam was completely accidental, he told me he actually planned it that way!  He said even though he got rejected and was forced to be just friends for a few months, he knew that I was quite stressed about the exam so he purposely waited till after the exam to ask again.  It probably doesn't mean much to you, but it sounded sweet to my ear...*blush* *big grin*

I'll see him in less than a month, and we're going to Vegas and other places together this summer! I can hardly wait.... :)

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