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Hi everyone my names Christina and I came across this community and thought it would be perfect for me and my husband! We've been together for 5 years now and we had to go through alot of BS to get to where we are right now! We've faught his dad, other people trying to break us up, and even jealous people that called them selfs our friends. He's so good to me and I'm so thankful to have found him. I truly believe that he's my soul mate and he feels the same way about me. We recently had our first little boy Jaden Scott and he's so cute. I'll post a few pics for everyone to see! If you have any questions or you just want to chat comment me some time and I'll get back to you! ttyl


Here's one of our wedding photos

Here's one of him and I while I was pregnant Christmas 05 in fact

And this is us in the hospital after I had our son Jaden

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