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hey everyone my fiance is in the air force and i think we have the perfect relationship because we talk about everything and always make sure that the other is happy is always doing sweet little things for me and since he knows what kind of past ihad he is always telling me i love you and your beutifula nd perfect and thingsl ike that he is always leaving me cute little notes and we are just perfect together we never fight we always discuss things and make sure that we come to a compromise and an understanding....imiss him so much he is in texas at tech school right now and i am in oklahoma i havent seen him in a while but we talk everynight andhe usually calls me and wakes me up by singing good morning beautiful, he did that when he was home too except he would be kissing me and whispering it in my ear....anyways i am just extremely happy we are getting married in december while he is home for christmas....i wish all of you guys and your relationships the best and i can only hope that you all feel this way about your signifcant is an amazing feeling to be in love and know that that love is unconditional...god bless
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